Mutual app

Mutual: The Best Dating App for LDS Singles

Mutual app

If you are an eligible bachelor or bachelorette who also happens to be a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints member, chances are you have already heard of Mutual.

Mutual is marketed as the best dating app for LDS singles out there. It is similar to other popular dating apps as it allows users to swipe through the photos of members in their local area to meet and find a potential love interest.

Mutual: The Origin of the Term

LDS members are familiar with the term “mutual.” It is common for the youth groups of the LDS church in some areas to meet every week. These meetings used to be called “Mutual Activities.” While it has been a long time since the terminology changed, “Mutual” continues to be a common term among the present generation of adult LDS singles.

Mutual also has a double meaning at the same time. Aside from its connection with nostalgic youth activities, this is also more frequently recognized as the presence of a standard understanding, or the famous phrase “the feeling is mutual.”

The moment two people match or like each other on the Mutual app, a message will pop up saying “It’s Mutual!” It only means that the two of you find each other attraction on a mutual basis.

How Do You Use Mutual?

Users of the Mutual app just need to swipe to indicate if they are interested in someone or not. A swipe down means no, while a swipe up means yes. Members are also allowed to upload a maximum of five photos of themselves. They can also write a brief biography and indicate their specific characteristics like height, hometown, school, and job.

One section also allows you to use tags to indicate some of your main interests, such as Runner, Star, Bookworm, or Karaoke. The moment you swipe, Mutual will show you how many interests or tags you and the other person share in common. Members are also allowed to verify their profile, which is a safety feature to ensure that a member is exactly who he or she claims to be.

Basic and Free Features of Mutual App

The Mutual app offers several features that help its LDS members a chance to enjoy a wonderful dating experience:

  • Filters

The Mutual app allows members to set filters based on age and distance. Only those members who meet your specific preferences will be included in the results that will be shown to you.

  • Matches

The moment you are matched with someone on Mutual, the app will then put their profile in the section labeled New Matches. You will have seven days to send a message to your matches in this section before they are deleted from the list. Don’t worry because you can use the messaging feature for free.

  • MutualDates

MutualDates is one of the new features of the Mutual app. The MutualDates page gives discounts for those couples who love spending their date at nearby popular businesses like arcade games, ice cream, or rock climbing.

  • Notes

The Mutual app also comes with a feature known as “Notes.” With the help of this feature, you can send messages to your potential matches before they even find your profile. Notes will show up in the front of the New Matches section of the other person.

From there, the person can decide if they will match with you or not. Using the Notes feature also gives you an edge since it will show the other members that you are truly interested in them. Free members of the Mutual app are allowed to send one note a day.  

  • Undo

Did you swipe down accidentally on someone? Don’t worry because all you have to do is click on the reverse button found at the top left corner of the screen. Doing so will let you undo your wrong move. Free members will need to watch a short ad first before they can go back.

  • Ads

Free users of the Mutual app will likely encounter an ad now and then as they swipe through potential matches. You can swipe down on the ad so you can go back to the matches or you can swipe up to learn more.

Premium Features of Mutual App

When you sign up for paid membership in the Mutual app, you can enjoy additional premium features including the following:

  • Set a height filter.
  • No more ads.
  • Ninja Mode: This feature allows you to hide your profile from other members except for the ones that you swipe up on.
  • Profile Boost: It is a feature that places your profile on top of the queues of other members to get faster matches.
  • Ward Hop: This feature will let you set your location to a different location and swipe before you arrive there.
  • See Who Likes Me: It shows you all the members who swiped up on you.


The Mutual app offers three pricing tiers for members to choose from depending on your budget and preferences:

  • $7.99 for 1 week
  • $14.99 for 1 month
  • $38.99 for 3 months
  • $59.99 for 6 months

Discover a Whole New World of LDS Dating with Mutual

Most of the time, the usual and traditional dating apps simply don’t cut it, especially if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Thankfully, the Mutual app is here to offer LDS singles a new and innovative way to meet, date, and even marry within the same faith, as what is being encouraged by the leaders of the church.

This app is a must-have for LDS singles that live in areas with smaller populations of members, those who are feeling disheartened by the thought of going on dates, or people who are starting to age out of the singles wards.

With the help of the Mutual app, LDS singles can now convene on a digital platform that serves as an ideal alternative to the typical matchmaking venues and events sponsored by the church.