LDS Mingle Review

LDS Mingle

The LDS church is deemed as the focal point of the social lives of its members. But, at this day and age where time is seen as a valuable asset, you simply don’t have the extra time to spend in the church, and participate in the activities of the Christian community. It is the very reason why single LDS members find it hard to date or even get married. Although LDS dating websites used to be considered as taboo for several years, things have now changed, and there is now an ever increasing number of LDS dating sites. Among these sites that are starting to make a mark in the dating industry is none other than


  • $20 for 1 month membership
  • $15 per month for 3 month membership
  • $10 per month for 6 month membership


A very notable thing about LDS Mingle that makes it well loved by many members is that even if you only choose the free membership option, you can still use and enjoy lots of exciting features. For one, you are allowed to use the site’s basic search option that will let you check the number of active members from your place that are also members of LDS Mingle. You can also send smiles, which is seen as a subtle way to make other members know that you are interested to meet them.

You can even send messages but such option is only limited for those who opt for free membership. Also, there is an active message board wherein people can share all of their experiences in the site as well as online dating as a whole. It is a very effective way to get to learn more about the site if you happen to be new to this industry.

It is also important to mention that the site features a remarkable search option which lets you find your ideal partner. Needless to say, there are several faith and church related questions that you need to answer, or use if you hope to meet the perfect partner, such as the mission they have, and the amount of time they spend in church. Each member can also try the site’s interesting personality test.

Ease of Use

Navigating your way around the site is very easy to speed up the process of find the right person for you.


You can choose between the free and paid membership plans offered in LDS Mingle.

Editor’s Verdict

LDS Mingle is meant to give everyone a chance to experience online dating in an interesting and fun way. The goal of the website is to help people in saving time as while they search for friends or their potential partners. It also has a unique system which lets you eliminate fake accounts. With all these things, you can say that all LDS singles can now make their search easier and more hassle-free in just a matter of clicks.