Elite Singles LDS Dating

EliteSingles: A Dating Site That Can Help You Find LDS Singles

Elite Singles LDS Dating

Meeting other singles who share religious beliefs similar to yours on other conventional dating websites such as Bumble and Tinder can be very tricky and challenging. After all, many daters who use these sites often prefer and look for short and casual hookups.

As a result, joining these websites with the hopes of finding other devoted LDS or Latter-day Saints Christians won’t be easy. They are often scattered all over these apps, so you might find it hard to look for a potential partner who shares the same belief as you. Of course, you can still try joining traditional sites but don’t expect to get the best results.

So, does it mean that members of the LDS community don’t have any options when it comes to dating apps?

Of course, not!

Now more than ever, there is a growing list of exciting dating apps that have been doing an amazing job of bringing together LDS singles from different parts of the country and the world.

If you already gave up all your hope and thought that you can no longer be matched with a fellow LDS single with similar values and beliefs, it is time for you to know that it is definitely possible with the help of EliteSingles!

What is LDS?

As mentioned earlier, LDS stands for Latter-day Saints. Dating sites typically use the acronym to describe someone who belongs to the Mormon Church. In the same way that you add your profession, education, and hobbies to your online dating profile, indicating your religion is another key aspect of your unique identity that you might be interested to share with others.

Although a lot of religions deem it important to be in union with someone who shares the same faith, the Mormons view this union on a much higher level because it is considered the secret to their salvation in heaven. Having a temple marriage also means matching and meeting with other fellow Mormon singles and most of the time, this is not possible with no need to use a dating app or site.

EliteSingles for LDS Dating

There are now plenty of dating websites that are either specifically made and designed for LDS dating alone or have some relevant specific filters and sections to help all LDS singles. EliteSingles is one of those sites that belong to the latter group.

EliteSingles is a website that caters to all types of singles but has a specific section exclusively dedicated to LDS dating that aims to help match LDS singles with each other. It means that members of EliteSingles come from diverse backgrounds, with the site getting thousands of new registrations every week.

The age range for most of the site’s users is from 30 to 55 years old. They let you match with other singles according to your beliefs. Users are also allowed to check if their matches also share their ambitions and beliefs in life.

EliteSingles is a website established with the main purpose of matching not just any single in the world but singles who have high standards. You will find this very useful if you are a Mormon since it can help you connect with people with high societal values and status.

The platform is also a seasoned one as Spark Networks Services GmbH founded it way back in 2009. It also claims to lead a thousand matches every month. The site’s algorithms separate bots or scammers from real users to guarantee that you will only have a realistic and safe dating experience.

EliteSingles Features

EliteSingles is a website that works as a matchmaking service. It also uses a very in-depth personality test to help you find your potential matches. All you have to do is answer a few basic questions and respond to the series of more comprehensive statements.

You can comment and like other users’ photos and receive and send messages. Profiles on the site are also detailed with featured photos. You will receive matches every day according to your preferences, location, and the way you answered the questions.

It is also worthy to point out their special feature called Have you met… that allows you to explore more new matches. Also, due to the importance of education among devoted Mormons, EliteSingles is a great site to use. More than 85% of users received high education and are hoping to find the love of their life.

EliteSingles Pricing

EliteSingles also has free services available so there is no need for you to get a subscription. But features such as sending messages and viewing profile photos are only part of the paid memberships. You can also choose to sign up for 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months which will cost less per month when you sign up for a longer subscription.

EliteSingles Scam Management

EliteSingles has three key features that help ensure that all members of the site are real people. The first one is the lengthy questionnaire that you need to answer during the registration process. Since completing it normally takes 20 minutes, it will probably deter people who aren’t interested.

Another feature on the site is the fact that you will not be able to view profile photos if you don’t have a membership that can ward off more superficial approaches. Receiving and sending messages will also require a membership so anyone who wants to reach out to you will have to pay a subscription first which can deter many scammers.


  • A low number of fake profiles
  • LDS targeting and filters
  • Millions of users
  • More than 2 million monthly users
  • The majority of users are searching for serious relationships
  • The option to search only LDS singles
  • Thorough matchmaking service


  • Limited functionality without buying a subscription
  • Requires a subscription to see profile photos and access messaging

LDS singles can now have the chance to find the love of their life with no need to filter through large numbers of profiles. EliteSingles is here to make your LDS dating experience more fun and memorable!