Is Marriage Check-In Important For Married LDS Couples?


A marriage check-in is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy and positive marriage. But, is a marriage check-in also important for married LDS couples?

Why Marriage Check-ins are Essential for LDS Marriages

Marriage check-ins can help you and your spouse to address problems while they are still small and minor before they turn into bigger and more serious problems. It also helps couples to stay on the same page, get to know their spouses better, and to top it all, it improves marriages.  

A marriage check-in will at the very least let you know where the two of you are when it comes to intellectual state, spiritual growth, emotions, and finances.

During the early years of marriage, a marriage check-in can be done at least two times a month. But, once you have set up your foundation for satisfaction, you can try switching to once monthly. This increased frequency can help you pinpoint the root cause of your marriage and personal issues. Once again, a marriage check-in can help LDS couples solve problems of all sorts when they are still minor.

Marriage Check-Ins is an Excellent Way to Communicate with Spouses

It doesn’t matter if you are newlyweds or you have already been married for a long time because communication with one another is something that you need to learn and practice on a constant and continuous basis.

Marriage check-ins gives you the chance to do exactly just that. This is because you need to be honest and open-minded with one another for this process to work and be effective.

You also need to have the willingness to listen with empathy to your wife or husband so that you will be able to accept and acknowledge their sincere critique. After all, your spouse only got the best intentions in doing so and nothing else.

Your Spouse Has a Big Role in Marriage Check-In

Your spouse is also your best friend in a healthy marriage filled with love and respect. Your spouse is the one person who knows or should know you much better than others. It also works the other way around.

You live with your spouse under one roof, share one bed, and share both good and bad times. Your spouse is also the person you can talk about everything and anything with. Your spouse is your haven of safety and must be honest with you for the benefit of the marriage. It is also your spouse who sees you during your best, your worst, and everything in between. All of these can make it easier to engage in regular marriage check-ins.

Other Advantages of a Marriage Check-In

  1. A marriage check-in can bring you closer together as an LDS couple in several ways to discover and learn more about each other.
  2. This is a great way of communicating with one another as it will teach you how you can communicate with your other half.
  3. This can help you learn your weaknesses and strengths and work through your insecurities. This can also encourage honesty within the marriage.