Valentines Day gifts

Brilliant Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your LDS Partner

Valentines Day giftsValentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are already planning what to buy for your LDS partner, there are several brilliant faith-filled gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your special someone feel more special.

Jewelry and Accessories

If you want classic gifts on Valentine’s Day, jewelry and accessories will never disappoint. To make it more exciting, you can go for personalized gifts infused with faith and inspiration.

Personalized tie bar

Personalized tie bars are the best addition for a Sunday suit. There are several colors for you to choose from, such as gold, black and silver. Since these are custom made, you can have them imprinted with any text, like a scripture, a date, the name of your partner, and a phrase you love.

For Eternity Temple Charm Necklace

For Eternity Temple Charm necklace contains charms, each of which represents different areas of your most valued relationships. You can choose a date, two initials, and your temple. The necklace is a particularly ideal gift for spouses and even family members.

Rose Gold Oil Vial

Rose Gold Oil Vial puts on fashionable and sleek take on a famous classic item. This has a length of around 2.75 inches and comes with a key ring. There is a rubber seal to prevent leaks and maintain the freshness of the consecrated oil. The oil vial is in demand as an oil vial among LDS women, including sister missionaries, women on the go, and those who choose to carry oil as support for priesthood.

Cards and Printables

Share the love this coming Valentine’s Day with cards and printables that are perfect gifts not only for your LDS partner but also for your friends and church classes. What makes these gift ideas great is that most of them are available for free.

Cheesy LDS Valentine’s Cards

Would you like to put an extra wide smile on your partner’s face this coming Valentine’s Day? Why not get custom LDS cards, then? These cards have two different sheets, each of which features several endearing and hilarious pickup lines that any LDS member will surely love. Both cards have enough room for writing your name and your partner’s name. You can print these cards for free. There is a fun design on the front and the inner part is blank where you can write a special message for your partner.

Candy Bag Toppers

These candy bag toppers are printable and can be stapled on goodie-filled plastic bags. You can choose from three designs that feature different LDS love quotes.


Books can do a wonderful job of spreading love even when Valentine’s Day has come to an end. These are great gifts for partners, kids, and people who can use some inspiration in life.

Cheers to Eternity

This book written by Al Fox and her husband Ben Carraway tells the couple’s journey from the first time they met up to the day they got married. The book also answers questions about dating.

I Can Love Like Jesus

This adorable book is filled with pictures that tell the reader how to love and live just like Jesus did.